Rules for Art Competition:

This contest is open only for kids of ages 5 thru 17 years.

The theme of the contest is
5 to 9 years ” My Dream”
10 to 13 years ” Scenery”
14 to 17 years ” Go green”

Each participant will be allowed to submit only one art work in the contest.

Participants are expected to bring their final art work to the event for submission.

There will be no stationary provided at the event to make any changes to your art work. We encourage you to bring your best art that you believe needs no changes.

The art work should be on a white/drawing paper of size up to 9″ x 12″ in size and be made using pencils/crayons/markers only. Please do not frame it. Art work with any deviations from these specifications will not be considered for the contest

Your art work should be original. Reproductions or copies of other art works will not be accepted

Do not sign the art work or put any details on it. Please use a separate paper/note with your first name, last name, parent(s) name, age, contact # and the email address (of the participant or of a parent)

The original art work and the paper/note with your details should be submitted by 12:30 Noon (EST) on April 7th at registration desk.

Multiple special prizes will be awarded in each of the three age groups:

Group (1) – 5 thru 9 years

Group (2) – 10 thru 13 years

Group (3) – 14 thru 17 years

After the event the participants can take back their drawings. TASJ has the right to use images of your artwork in their website and/or for other promotional purposes.

Two People’s work from each group will be selected for an award.